HRLighting Design is comprehensive, thorough, and experienced to know how to get the work completed through all phases of a project.  Creativity  working hand in hand with research, and analysis in order to assist the client with design decisions.


Lighting can be too glaring, too dim, use too much electricity and emit too much heat. It can alter the color of a product so much; a potential customer will have to go to a window to see the item in “real light.” It will pulse erratically and produce headaches at the least and cause epileptic seizures at the worst. It has the potential cause blindness. It can also alter our biological clock.

Tools to analyze the environment whether they be calculation tools, energy modeling tools, and on site measurement tools can always be used.  However, observation and the understanding of the potential of light to harm or heal is a far greater tool during this phase.

Concept Development and Schematic Design

As designers of performance as well as architecture, we know it is not only what you see but how you feel and move in your environment that constitute a lighting scheme. For us, lighting design is about designing shadow patterns as much as it about creating a uniformly lighted space.

Design Development

Maintaining an eye towards efficiency, understanding an occupant’s well-being in a space and a job’s cost effectiveness are developed through the design work and provide the client with the information to be able to evaluate their choices, keeping in mind that the best lighting scheme may not need to be the brightest on the workplane.

Construction: Contract Documents and Integration

Great designs can dim when they have to be value engineered.  How to mitigate this? Communication.  The IALD, International Association of Lighting Designers, authored a document about specification standards and we follow this standard.

Controls are another point of friction during this phase.  LED lighting has the potential for great artistic nuance.  It can also take a lot of time to achieve.  A clearly designed control intent helps the integrator to move past flashing lights.