An Industrial Design Studio

IMG_4899Spring is here in California at least.  Flowers are blooming and one gets the feeling of at least a small amount of new beginnings.  A good enough day to start a blog post.  I had been reviewing the website for the lighting controls association (  They have great professional development courses.  In one series of slides I came across some great diagrams that describe how leds work with power sources, controls and drivers.  The diagrams were courtesy of Lumenique.  The author/designer, Kevin Willmorth, contributes to Lightnow and Lightsearch, websites I have used, but it is his company Lumenique that I want to mention today.  It is part industrial design outfit, part design firm/ prototyping tinkerer’s refuge, a place I think that could have only been fully realized with the advent of fab lab tools perhaps.  The smaller scale digital fabrication technology allows for singular bespoke lighting.

This is an idea that I find very interesting so I thought to share the site for my first blog post:




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